Foreign Currency

Our credit card processor, PayPal accepts payments in these currencies:

Canadian Dollars
British Pounds
U.S. Dollars
Japanese Yen
Australian Dollars
New Zealand Dollars
Swiss Francs
Hong Kong Dollars
Singapore Dollars
Swedish Kronor
Danish Kroner
Polish Zlotys
Norwegian Kroner
Hungarian Forints
Czech Koruny
Israeli Shekels
Mexican Pesos
Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
Malaysian Ringgits (only for Malaysian members)
Philippine Pesos
New Taiwan Dollars
Thai Baht
TRY for Turkish Liras (only for Turkish members)
Russian Ruble

When a credit card issued under a foreign currency is used, you will be shown the converted rate on the PayPal checkout screen, and then will given the option to pay in your native currency and let PayPal do the conversion, or you can pay in dollars and let your bank do the conversion.

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